Assessment of visual quality of SPEC-GLAS insulating glass units

Insulating glass units produced by SPEC-GLAS Sp. z o.o. are a high quality product subject to strict quality control.

These guidelines are valid in a limited way for special insulating glass, such as: insulating glass with muntins between panes, bulletproof and fireproof glazing. When assessing built-in glass, it should generally be assumed that in addition to its visual quality, important features of the glass which allow it to fulfil its function should also be taken into account.

Acceptable glass defects in the field of view (beyond the edge strip of the 20 mm wide insulating glass unit):





Permissible defects in insulating glass units: Additionally, for insulating glass units with laminated glass, the following defects are allowed: Additionally, for insulating glass units with coated glass, the following defects are allowed:
Point foreign body inclusions:
Linear length max 15 mm, thickness 0.1 mm and total length: Closed bubbles smaller than 2 mm: Point* from 1.0 to 3.0 mm Linear above 30 mm Point from 2,0 to 3,0 mm Scratches up to 75 mm
To 1 m2: Inadmissible 40 mm 2 1 Inadmissible 1 piece /m2 Provided that their local concentration does not constitute a visible disturbance
To 2 m2: 45 mm 3 2
From 2 to 8 m2: 50 mm 5 3 1 over 5 m2
Over 8 m2: 50 mm 5 4 2

* Point defects smaller than 0.5 mm are disregarded. Defects 0.5-1.0 mm must not appear in clusters, i.e. at least four defects at a distance of up to 200 mm from each other (for two-layer glass).

The visual quality of an insulating glass unit is assessed according to the Technical Criteria developed by the Institute of Glass and Ceramics KT 20/S/2000.
The test takes into account the defects visible to the naked eye from a distance of 60 cm against a matte black screen in natural light conditions.
Additional admission of defects for insulating glass units with laminated glass on the basis of the PN-EN ISO 12543-6 standard.
In order to admit additional defects of insulating glass units with a coated glass, the base is PN-EN 1096.
Insulating glass units are manufactured in accordance with the Polish Standard EN 1279-5.

General provisions:

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