Safety glass and security glass

Safety glass reduces to a minimum the risk to the health of people staying near the glazing unit and in glazed rooms, which is especially important in places where there are children or sports are played.

Security (burglary proof) glass in combination with reinforced window fittings is used in company buildings, banks, schools and homes, i.e. wherever you want to increase security and protection against burglary.

In single-family houses, we use mainly P2 class glass (two glass panes and two foil layers) and P4 class glass (two glass panes and four foil layers). Insurance companies consider P4 glass sufficient protection for the building, which results in a reduction in the insurance premium by as much as 5-10%.

The technology of anti-burglary glass production requires the use of several layers of a special PVB (polyvinyl butyral) film with a nominal thickness of 0.38 mm each between the glass layers. The effectiveness of the glass depends on the number of foil layers used. They are able to replace grilles, shutters and roller blinds, thanks to which the façade retains its aesthetic appearance. Panes with increased burglary resistance are resistant to blows with a blunt or sharp tool and cuts when accessed from one side.

When an anti-burglary pane is used in a glazing unit, it is extremely important that the windows themselves are also equipped with other anti-burglary elements, e.g. special anti-burglary fittings.
The table below shows the classes of safety glass and anti-burglary glass and their possible uses.

Glass class Level of security Use
They protect against injury when the glass is broken, and are difficult to break when the window or door is suddenly closed Apartments, schools, offices, production plants, interior doors, windows on the floors and on the ground floor.
They protect against injury, like class 01 and 02 glass, may provide temporary protection in the event of a break-in attempt taken without preparation. Kiosks, detached houses, ground-floor windows of apartment blocks, hotel and office windows, low-value commercial facilities, sports halls.
Anti-burglary glass can replace the 150 mm mesh grilles made of 10 mm steel wire. Windows for salons, hotels and offices, commercial facilities of significant protected value, villas, pharmacies.

Toughened glass can also be used as safety glass, as it has five times greater resistance against impact with a soft body than ordinary glass, and when broken, it breaks down into small blunt pieces that do not cause serious injuries. Toughened glass is heat treated, significantly increasing its resistance to mechanical and thermal stress, without changing its optical and spectrometric properties.

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