Muntins are an element frequently used to improve the aesthetics of buildings. They give them a unique character and allow to maintain the divisions in the windows of renovated, also historic, buildings. Thanks to them, you can easily change the appearance of windows and highlight even the most boring-looking buildings in the unified mass.

Milled muntins are a decorative element made of light aluminium profiles, produced in a wide range of colours. They can be formed into arcs, circles and combined in a variety of ways. An additional convenience is placing them between the panes of glass, which means they do not require any cleaning or maintenance work.

There are also Viennese inter-pane muntins, also known as blind muntins, which allow to make divisions in the glass surface, on which, on both sides of the glazing unit, profiles are then installed. Thanks to them, the glass looks as if it consisted of a larger number of smaller panes.

All muntins are made in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer, with the specified divisions. The minimum distance between the panes to allow the use of muntins is 12 mm. A smaller gap may damage the coating on the glass or even break it. With particularly long elements, the natural vibrations of the aluminium pole, such as a muntin bar, caused by e.g. opening and closing the window, may cause the so-called "muntin ringing".

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