Acoustic glass

Protection against noise is one of the most important problems in our lives. It should be remembered that if the noise level in the room is reduced by 10 dB compared to what is outside, the impression is that the noise has been reduced by half. Sound-absorbing glass can be used in all types of windows. Its selection should depend on the nature of the noise from which we want to protect ourselves. Its task is to silence the rooms and isolate them from external noise, and even protect them from the annoying sound of rain falling on the windows in the roof windows.

The basic method of obtaining the required sound absorption parameters is to use panes of different thicknesses (asymmetric glass structure). The degree of sound absorption is defined as the attenuation described by the symbol Rw, and its value is given in decibels. In this way, we can obtain packages with the following construction:

The second method is the use of glass with special acoustic films (SC or SLA), which improve the parameters of attenuation of noise coming from the environment, for example:

It should be remembered that the panes should be installed with frames of equally good soundproofing properties. The method of mounting in the frame, mounting the frame in the opening, and even the use of appropriate elements additionally improving sound absorption (e.g. air inlets) are also important.

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