Heat-insulating glass

The use of heat-insulating glass is a consequence of the constant technical progress in the glass industry, the efforts of manufacturers to match the energy parameters of other building materials and a simple consequence of our country's accession to the European Union. Our latest products allow to minimize the loss of heat from the rooms while maintaining excellent transparency and light transmittance.

Heat-insulating units consist of two panes, one of which has an invisible layer of a combination of precious metals. This thin, invisible to the naked eye layer transmits light and solar energy into the interior, while preventing heat from escaping from the room to the outside. There may be a noble gas in the space between the panes, which additionally reduces the Ug heat transfer coefficient. Our main product is double glazing made up of:

The new generation of coatings gives us a new type of glass which offers maximum thermal protection without using expensive gas mixtures and is adapted to the requirements of the new thermal protection regulations. The double thermal insulation layer allows us to obtain a low heat transfer coefficient while maintaining the structure of the basic glazing unit:

In buildings where it is particularly important to achieve the lowest possible heat transfer coefficient, especially in passive houses, triple glazing is used, which consists of two panes with a heat-insulating coating.

Before deciding to use a triple glazing unit, make sure that the window profile you have chosen is adjusted to the width of the selected glazing unit.

Thanks to the use of heat-insulating glass in the building, we:

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